Kitchen tech

We asked Frank Innes estate agent in Littleover where the most important room in the home was. After all, they have years of experience selling them to people from all walks of life. They told us that it’s always the kitchen. Prospective buyers always make a point of checking every nook and cranny of the kitchen much more than they would any other room. There’s something about making sure it’s clean and extremely easy to navigate that makes them concentrate in on it.

So what does kitchen life look like in the 21st century? We found some very unique little gadgets and machines that anyone would be jealous of. Take a look:

Futursitic Exrtractor Fans
Growing up we all went through this. The smoke alarm by the kitchen goes off, your parents shout over for you to put it out and next thing you know you’re erratically waving a tea towel about while standing on a chair. These fans pictured above aim to get rid of that. We’ve never seen an extractor

Make Space
Everything else in the home is becoming digitised and smaller, so why can’t the kitchen. This apparently unassuming box opens out to reveal a fully kitchen island with stove, cutting area, storage and sink. We can imagine though it’s a pain to clean after cooking pasta.

Customise Everything that can be rotated around a room, but we imagine it mean that a tall family member never has to go through bumping their head while leaning over the stove a possibility.

Grow indoor herbs
In need of adding a bit of flavour to a dish but don’t have a garden to grow herbs in? Here is an easy solution. Have an ambient controlled indoor herb rack that will always have fresh herbs ready. Each pot can regulate how the herbs grow and make sure they don’t dry out. It’s a lot better than a tub of five spice getting dry in the back of the cupboard.

What’s better than a personalised phone cover? How about a personalised fridge cover? It’s certainly a way to make someone more interested in your fridge than simply telling them it has an ice machine installed.