Heating Tech

Heating systems are often over looked when redecorating a room. However whether you are using a wood burning stove or a comtemporary aluminium radiator, make sure you have the right heating system to compliment your room.

Take a look at some of these fantastic stylish heating systems that will help you add character to any room.



Central heating is probably the most popular form of heating in most homes, so it makes sense that instead of replacing you heating system entirely you look for ways to optimise what you already have.


These cheap aluminium radiators may be all you can afford when putting the finishing touches to a room, however do not despair they actually come in a range of stylish shapes and sizes that can add a touch of class to any decorative theme.


Heating technology has come on leaps and bounds in the last decade, these aluminium radiators are now ultra-lightweight and incredibly eco efficient. The secret is that they are made from super conducting aluminium meaning that they heat up to optimum temperature in far less time than normal radiators. Their special design ensures that the surface of the radiator heats up equally and projects out into the room as opposed to just rising up to the ceiling.


These features mean that these radiators require far less energy to produce incredible amounts of heat, what is more their light weight design also means that they are far easier to transport and do not require the same number of HGVs to mover them thereby reducing CO2 emission further.