Beauty tech

The change in cosmetic treatments over the last 10 years has been incredble when we look at the technology used. Gone are the days of botox and tummy tucks. Instead, we now have a growing group of safer treatments for our bodies that don't do damage and eliminate the element of risk.

On this page/mini blog we're going to highlight some of these remarkable technological breakthroughs you'll find in a cosmetic clinic.

Dr Braun Performing Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal
Women and men are now turning to lasers to get rid of hair all over their bodies. This type of treatment involves the use of a laser wand which moves over hairs and heats follicles up right down to the root. This causes a hair to naturally come out, rather than a wax strip which forcefully strips out part of a hair, or a razor which only cuts down a hair. It's quite a remarkable feat given that the hair won't ever grow back once hit with the laser. Laser hair removal also means that a person won't be left with any marks or scars as the skin hasn't been compromised (i.e. it hasn't been marked or cut).

Collagen Heat Stimulation
Lasers also have the ability to improve the collagen under our skin. It's the part of the skin that makes us have wrinkles and is like a big sponge. The more connections it can soak up, the smoother are skin is. When we develop wrinkles it is due to our collagen levels not being as high as they used to. Again, a laser can be pointed at collagen to stimulate it and cause it to have that sponge effect it used to have. It rises the natural temperature of collagen to expand and improve its connections, resulting in lines and wrinkles disappearing as collagen pushes out.

Radiowave skin treatment
It's remarkable to think that radiowaves can be controlled and emitted in a concentrated source. It's even more remarkable to think that this can be used as an alternative to invasive surgery. Radiosurgery is used by many cosmetic clinics in the UK to remove lesions and warts from the body. For someone with a mole on their body, a removal treatment previously involved a doctor having to cut it out. This would leave a scar and marks. Now a wand that pulses with radiowaves can smoothly go over a wart and lift it off without leaving a mark.