Bathroom tech

Bathrooms are often an overlooked part of the decorating experience. Minus a new bathmat every few years, and a new set of towels for when you have guests around, there never seems to be a way of making the bathroom exciting.

Take a look at some of these somewhat out there ideas and you might have some inspiration for how to give your bathroom an extremely good looking makeover.

Ditch the basin
A white porcelain sink is the most basic looking element in any bathroom. It’s the vanilla of necessary features. Try and shake it up a little. You mightn’t be able to afford a designer sink like this one, but it doesn’t mean you can’t reconsider getting a basin that is completely different. Shallow, rectangular basins are a lot cheaper than they were a decade ago and glass sinks are much cheaper than you’d expect.

Bathe in Luxury
Don’t overlook the bath now. It is the most vital part of the room after all (possibly bar the toilet) and is something that every looks at when in the room for long periods. We’re not saying you buy a glass bath like this (the idea of cleaning that window every other day is off-putting enough) or get your own personalised massage table set up to stretch out on, but think about having a different coloured bath, especially if the one you have is made of plastic currently and stains easily.

Don’t think like a bathroom
Why not give the room a certain theme or gimmick? Decorating a bathroom like a bathroom is easy. But going out of your way and thinking about a bathroom composed of trunks? It sounds crazy but look at how well it works. This is something that a lot of cosmetic clinics and private GPs are branching in to, with hotels spas and their ilk also taking on a unique look that doesn't just feel like a souped up bathroom. And always try to put features of what you like in the bathroom. Even a vinyl shower curtain with a bold design is a great start.